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Put your bags down facing Gaspé Bay, perched on a grandiose cape and daydream in the comfort of your Scandinavian Nautika cottage.

The ultimate Gaspesian experience.

Rejuvenating. Exhilarating. Breathtaking.

Nautika Cottages were built to offer you an unforgettable Gaspesian experience. A stay in style and comfort, without compromising your connection to the nature of a region with a thousand attractions.

A landscape at the end of the world, 15 minutes from downtown Gaspé.  

From a dock or the beach, experience sea fishing in the Gaspé: recreational fishing, striped bass, mackerel, flounder and capelin will delight fishing enthusiasts.

- Tourism Gaspésie

A refuge in nature to move around, admire the bay of Gaspé or contemplate the STARS.

Identified as one of the 50 Canadian destinations to see in one's lifetime by the National Geographic Traveler, the Gaspé Peninsula offers no less than 4 national parks.
- Quebec Maritime

more than 300 species of formidable birds in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Various peoples have left their mark on the history of the Gaspé Peninsula. From the Micmacs to the Basque and Breton fishermen, the French, Acadians, Loyalists, English and Jersey people... have passed on a beautiful cultural heritage.
- Tourism Gaspésie

Gaspésie, an obvious choice for a memorable stay.

A great bird sanctuary, the Gaspé Peninsula is home to more than 365 different species of birds, including the gannet, a species that is particularly common in this region.
- Quebec Maritime

An unparalleled place to reconnect with nature and yourself.

The village of Percé is two miles away by boat. The boreal forest we were passing through has opened up and there, in front of us, at the end of the island, is one of the largest colonies of gannets in the world.
- National Geographic
The green waves of the Gaspé Mountains are the last gasp of the Appalachians before they plunge back into the sea - the last hurrah of North America's oldest mountain range.
- National Geographic
Travelling around this most picturesque of peninsulas, each new location offers its own historic lighthouse, like a colourful birthday candle placed at the end of each rocky point.
- National Geographic

The seabird sanctuary is well known, but there are many other places nearby that are wonderful sources for birdwatchers and nature lovers," says John Wiseman, Percé resident and artist-naturalist.
- National Geographic

There is nothing better than a long walk on the beach, with your feet in the water.

A real kingdom for seafood lovers.

Today, Forillon Park is one of Canada's great national parks, which includes the two capes as well as the Panouille Peninsula, one of the landing places proposed by Jacques Cartier.
- National Geographic

From Perched Rock to Bonaventure Island, it's impossible to get bored.

Naturally photogenic, the Gaspé Peninsula will fill your eyes.

the adventure that promises unforgettable memories.

National Geographic Traveler has consistently recommended the Gaspé Peninsula as one of the best destinations in the world - the Gaspé was one of our top 20 trips of 2011, and in 2009, out of our 133 rated destinations, the Gaspé Peninsula ranked third, placing it in the highest category of top rated places in the world.
- National Geographic
According to the ranking of the renowned [National Geographic], the Gaspé Peninsula is third in the ranking of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
- Radio Canada
The Gaspé has all the right ingredients: unspoiled fishing towns that have kept their charm and lighthouses burning, miles of unrivalled scenery, plenty of clean wind power (and therefore clean air and water), a solid tourist infrastructure... without ugly overbuilding or chain hotels, and, perhaps most importantly, a multitude of low-key restaurants serving superb local cuisine.
- National Geographic

Enjoy the freshest seafood in the country.

The Bonaventure Island Park can have up to 120,000 gannets.

- Le Journal de Montreal
The Gaspesie Park is a paradise for hiking.
- Le Journal de Montreal
Water is everywhere: bays, rivers and streams, the Gulf and the great blue sea. This is Québec maritime, a coastline of small communities that still live on fish and lobster.
- National Geographic

Parc Forillon itself is full of exciting activities, such as the Mount Saint-Alban trail with its 283-metre observation tower and extraordinary panoramas, Penouille beach for a swim and the Blanchette House at L'Anse-Blanchette.
- Le Journal de Montreal

Go where the wind takes you.

Visit a place prized for its nature and abundant nautical life.

A large rocky cape to feast your eyes on.

A true 4-season playground, the Gaspé Peninsula is full of excitingactivities, places steeped inhistory, unique flavours and authentic encounters. An unmissable destination that leaves no one indifferent!
- Tourism Gaspésie

With such a beautiful sunrise, the dial is more than optional...

The Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park boasts a rich natural, historical and geological heritage. Sculpted by time and the sea, at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, it has Bonaventure Island as its fortress and the majestic Percé Rock as its stone vessel, the tourist emblem of Quebec.
- Sépaq

The gentle ocean breeze will lull you to sleep.

The Rocher Percé is the postcard image of the Gaspé Peninsula, a curious limestone formation with a hole in the rock that embodies the Gaspé Peninsula.
- National Geographic

The clean air and quiet location as a natural relaxant

The Gaspé Peninsula, with its landscape of sea, mountains and crystal-clear rivers, is a breathtakingly beautiful place.
- Tourism Gaspésie

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