Policies & Regulations

We are very pleased to welcome you to Nautika Cottages!

The creation of this exceptional project has taken us a lot of time and effort. We have put our heart into our work in order to offer you a superior quality stay, a cozy and comforting accommodation, and this in a unique setting... In other words, to offer you an unforgettable Gaspesian experience!

As soon as you arrive, you will be able to appreciate the quality and cleanliness of the premises. We thank you for helping us to continue to offer a quality product while respecting your environment, the cleanliness of the site and other vacationers.

Respect for the rules and the premises is essential to ensure longevity and affordable access to our services.

We wish you a memorable stay,

- The Nautika team ♡


General conditions

Arrival and departure times

Arrival time is from 5pm and departure time is maximum 11am. Fees apply for early arrival or late departure.


Your safety is your responsibility. It is forbidden to cross the fence and the rocks around the small lake. The supervision of children is the sole responsibility of the tenant. The Tenant must not leave his children unattended on the site.


Outdoor fires are permitted. A fire pit is available and fires are only allowed in the fire pit. When you are finished enjoying this soothing moment, please ensure that your fire is completely out.


Smoking is not permitted in the cottages. A fee will be charged if you smoke in the cottage. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Put them out and put them in a garbage can.

Alcohol and Cannabis

Consumption of alcohol and cannabis is restricted to the cottage location occupied by the Tenant. Consumption is not allowed in the shared areas, playground, sanitary block. Also, do not bring glasses outside. It is good to walk barefoot.


It is forbidden to set up or stay in an accessory building such as: tent, trailer, RV, etc. It is also forbidden to stay inside our service buildings.

Please do not take towels, sheets and blankets out of the cottage. These are of quality and cannot be used outside the cottages.


Insects and wildlife are part of the fun of the countryside. Although the cottages are equipped with mosquito nets, we advise you not to leave the lights on unnecessarily inside the cottages and the windows open at night. Even with mosquito nets, firebugs and other tiny insects can enter the chalet.

Small animals in the surrounding area find what they need to feed in the wild. Do not feed them. Also, please store your food properly inside your chalet and rubbish in the bins.

Cancellation policy

Full refund in case of cancellation up to 30 days before check-in. In the case of a reservation made less than 30 days before check-in, a full refund is given if the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the reservation and at least 14 days before check-in. Finally, a refund of 50% of the amount of the reservation is allowed until 7 days before check-in. After this period of 7 days, no refund will be made.

Full conditions

Nautika's responsibility

Nautika undertakes to provide the unit with all furniture, bedding, crockery, linen and accessories necessary for the use of the rented property.

Some items are included: toilet paper, garbage bags, hand soap, dishes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, olive oil and spices, aluminum foil, parchment paper, cling film, coffee, black and green tea, and sugar.

The following items are not included: facial tissue, paper towels, laundry soap, bathrobe, wood for fireplaces (available for a fee)

Nautika cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness that may occur to the Renter or his/her guests during the stay. By accepting this reservation, the Renter and his/her guests accept the risks associated with their stay. Nautika shall not be liable for the theft or loss of the property of the Renter or his/her guests during the stay.

Nautika shall not issue any refund or credit note to the Renter for early departures or late arrivals.

Nautika will not issue any refund or credit note to the Tenant for problems due to the vagaries of the weather or any unforeseen interruptions to electricity, water supply or internet services that occur during the stay.

Nautika reserves the right to inspect the premises without prior notice and to carry out any necessary emergency work

The Lessee's Liability

The Lessee is responsible for any damage to property occurring in or on the rented unit during the rental period, for any reason whatsoever, caused by the Lessee or any of the Lessee's guests, directly or indirectly. The Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Nautika from and against any and all claims made by anyone resulting from the damage for which the Lessee is responsible. The Lessee is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rented premises.

The Lessee must notify Nautika of any breakage or damage caused during the rental period, as well as any defects found during the rental period. The Tenant may not assign his or her rights under the rental agreement, nor sublet the property.

Cancellation conditions

Full refund in case of cancellation up to 30 days before check-in. In the case of a reservation made less than 30 days prior to check-in, a full refund is given if the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the reservation and at least 14 days prior to check-in. Finally, a refund of 50% of the amount of the reservation is allowed until 7 days before check-in. After this period of 7 days, no refund will be made.

Conditions, Additional Charges and Prohibitions

The Tenant agrees that the following amounts will be deducted directly from his/her credit card or other payment method and/or to refund the charged fees in the event of non-compliance with the conditions within 24 hours of the requisition, in the following cases:

Cleaning after the stay is not included in the rental. In addition, an extra charge of $25 to $50 will apply in the event that the property is left in a particularly unclean condition. Example: Dirty dishes, items left in the refrigerator, uncleaned BBQ, cigarette butts or any other object left outside...

We ask that you sort your rubbish (recycling: blue dumpster / rubbish: brown dumpster / compost: brown bin/bin) and put it in the specified place in front of the laundry room. An additional fee of 25$ will be charged if this is not the case.

The number of authorized persons indicated in this contract may not be exceeded at any time. In the event that this number is exceeded, a fee of $100 per additional person per day will be charged.

Unless otherwise specified, animals are not allowed inside or outside the cottages. In cottages where pets are permitted, additional charges will apply at the time of booking.

The Tenant agrees not to smoke inside the chalet, failing which a fee of $200 will be charged. The Tenant agrees to observe reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbours and residents in the area and to keep noise levels reasonable at all times, but particularly between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. The Hirer agrees not to set off fireworks at any time.

The Hirer undertakes not to hold any "party" type events, as this is prohibited. Any breach of any of the above clauses will result in additional charges as indicated.

If such damage is revealed after the departure of the client, Nautika reserves the right to charge the booking holder for any damage to its cottages or the property, including without limitation, missing or damaged items, smoking costs, cleaning costs, compensation for subsequent guests, etc. Damage to rooms, facilities, furnishings and equipment, including removal of electronic equipment, towels, artwork, etc. will be charged at 120% of full replacement value plus shipping and handling. Any damage to property, whether accidental or intentional, is the responsibility of the registered guest for each cottage.

All costs associated with repairs and/or replacements and applicable taxes will be charged to the registered guest's credit card. In extreme cases, legal action may be taken.

Non-compliance with the contract

Non-compliance with the conditions listed in this contract by the Lessee or its guests may cause the termination of this contract by Nautika and the eviction of all occupants, without any compensation or refund.

Furthermore, the parties choose as the only competent court the courts sitting in Percé, Quebec, in the judicial district of Gaspé, to dispose of all requests, claims and/or disputes related to the present agreement and all related matters, the parties specifically excluding the jurisdiction of any other authority, jurisdiction or court of any other district. In this regard, the parties elect domicile in the judicial district of Gaspé.


In the event of closure of the site due to a government requirement, the reservations concerned will be issued a gift certificate or credit note for 100% of the amount of their reservation, valid at all times. This rule applies ONLY in the case of forced closure of the site, and for NO OTHER REASON.

Please note, that by coming to our premises, you can ensure that sanitary measures are respected and that all our units are cleaned and disinfected between each stay. In addition, you will be in your own bubble and will not have to come into contact with other people on site.

Nautika is not responsible for any illnesses related to COVID-19. The highest standards of maintenance, cleaning and disinfection are applied to ensure a safe stay.


The parties acknowledge that they have read and understood the contents of this rental agreement and are satisfied with it. By confirming your booking, you confirm that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions.